Due to reduced availability of high quality reservoirs, more wells require stimulation. The current default method for stimulation is hydraulic fracturing, using either proppant or acid to keep the fracture open. In many environments, Proppant or Acid Fracturing is a good solution to increase productivity. Some of the unresolved challenges with fracture stimulation are reservoir related such as the uncertainty about whether the fracture will grow through different reservoir layers, potentially contacting unwanted water. Operational challenges are environmental, cost, operational complexity and availability of equipment and competent personnel. Onshore fracturing experience can build on the learning of hundreds of wells to optimize the fracture stimulation process, but this is not possible in an offshore environment.

A new completion based stimulation solution is developed to be simple and efficient without environmental impact and with significantly lower cost than current solutions. Several reservoirs have been simulated to investigate the long term production and recovery using the method. The relatively new well geometries require further understanding to apply the technology. A study on offshore well cost has been made.

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