This paper proposes a new methodology for determining the quantity of physical resources used for the construction of oil wells in relation to the methodology that employs a rough assessment of the curve of resource needs in the time it does not take into account the risks and gains for the business. With emphasis on material resources, and using knowledge of geo-engineering, petroleum engineering, production engineering, economic engineering, project management, artificial intelligence and programming, an equation was established with terms representing the potential revenue from the wells and the costs of excess or the lack of resources in the planning period which enables the knowledge of the optimum quantitative of resources for the company.

The design method has been tested to determine the quantity of pipe casing used in Brazilian exploration wells planned for 2009, based on the configuration of the pre-salt wells.

It is concluded that this methodology has significant gains over the conventional method of analysis by allowing the decision makers to know how much will be your revenue and associated costs, risks and opportunities.

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