Although the petroleum industry has developed effective, and accurate techniques to analyze exposed formation pressure, drilling engineers continue to advance wells without knowing what pressures are ahead.

A technique has been developed by the D.A.T.A. (Data Acquisition and Technical Analysis) engineers of the Oilfield Products Division, Dresser Industries, Inc., to approximate pressures ahead of the bit. This paper describes that technique. paper describes that technique. The basis for the procedure is the theory chat stratigraphic pressures are encapsulated in pressure seals and that these pressures can be approximated by measurement of the seal. Such measurements are the drillability and conductivity of the seal.

Certain limitations presently exist in this technique, but field test results prove it to be an economical and effective tool for the drilling engineer to determine the course of a well.


The petroleum industry has used numerous techniques to evaluate wireline logs and drilling equations for analyzing formation pressures. These techniques have been pressures. These techniques have been reasonably successful and have saved the industry time and money because of more efficient, economical drilling operations.

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