At the present, shale gas wells in South China WY area have good gas production, but there are still many producing wells with poor performance. This is because we do not fully understand the shale gas reservoir storage and production mechanism and characteristics, which leads to the difficulty of shale gas "sweet spot" prediction. This is not conducive to future development of this field. In this paper, through comprehensive analysis of main shale elastic properties, microseismic monitoring data and the hydraulic fracturing stimulation, we need to provide beneficial theoretical basis for the WY block's future hydraulic fracturing stimulation. This paper is mainly based on the interpretation of log data to select optimized key elastic parameters of the shale gas reservoir. We analysis the shale formation elastic properties (such as P- and S-wave impedance, P- and S-wave velocity ratio, brittleness, TOC, etc.), and then find out the relationship between different elastic parameters. Based on the magnitude and number of microseismic event, the overall length, height and direction of the event distribution, we can provide guidance for the hydraulic fracturing stimulation through the integration of different elastic parameters. We analyzed fracturing operation parameters including fluid volume, total amount of sand, stop fracturing pressure and other important stimulation parameters in WY block shale reservoir, combined with elastic properties of shale, microseismic events, and seismic attributes, utilized the means such as logging cross-plot, line chart and other means to provide a clear idea of analysis, according to the reservoir characteristics of seismic information in the area at the same time. Comprehensive analysis through a variety of methods can predict good fracturing stimulation zone within the shale reservoir, avoid fracturing difficulties, improve the quality of hydraulic fracturing operation, and provide beneficial guidance for the work area's next step field development.

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