This article elaborates an intelligent hydraulic fracturing casing sleeve based on electromagnetic wireless communication. The sleeve can maintain the full bore of well in the same size and have unlimited construction series. Meanwhile, it can repeatly open and close until finally achieving unlimited intelligent staged fracturing. The sleeve owns features as below:

  1. The bidirectional wireless signal reliable transmission distance between the wellhead ground and downhole sleeve can reach 3000m.

  2. The outer diameter of the fracturing sleeve is 190mm and the inside diameter is 106mm.

  3. It can resist the pressure of 140MPa and the temperature of 150 °C.

  4. The wireless control sleeve can achieve repeatedly open and close.

  5. The control of several sleeves will not influence each other and can be intelligently selected and control.

This article elaborates the key technologies about intelligent casing sleeve based on electromagnetic wireless communication:

  • The structural design for key parts as electric and hydraulic controllable fracturing sleeve mechanism, transmission mechanism, and so on.

  • Research on long-distance wireless communication technique and detailed design on signal transmission and reception.

  • A Hydraulic fracturing intelligent completion system based on electromagnetic wave casing sleeve technology, bidirectional communication processes of this sytem, and multilevel intelligent fracturing process.

Based on the intelligent casing sleeve designed, we can build an intelligent completion system. During the fracturing process, wireless communication system transmits signal to the electric and hydraulic control system to control each sleeve to implement hydraulic fracturing faster and more effectively. We don't need any other pack-tools to separate the reservoir. It is a total innovation compared with the current technology for it can achieve unlimited large-scale intelligent staged fracturing and promote the hydraulic fracturing technique.

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