Fula sub-basin is one of chasmic structure units with rich petroleum accumulation within Muglad basin. In the past, thick sandstones of Bentiu was considered as main petroleum accumulation targets sealed by faults and anticlines, and most petroleum generated by AG source kitchen has migrated to upper formations along big faults, and furthermore, sandstones inside AG formation of are thin with poor permeability and porosity caused by compaction. Recently, some works have been done specially on AG formation, including small fault interpretation, seismic sedimentary analysis and thin layer inversion, resulting in new petroleum discoveries within middle AG formation, which reveals that AG formation has also good petroleum accumulation abilities.

Comprehensive study shows that there developed many small faults within AG period, which could seal sandstones of AG formation laterally, forming effective faulted block within AG formation. Sandstones of delta and sub-water channel could be found. Within AG4 and AG2 formations, there are mainly lacustrine facies. Channel sandstones occurred regression and the area of alluvium fan decreased AG shale has high matter abundance, high hydrocarbon generating potential and kerogen type I, II with middle to high mature, showing good hydrocarbon generation ability. Although sandstones of AG formation have relatively low permeability and porosity, these sandstone have good logging response on hydrocarbon could be sealed by local surrounding mudstones and. All above reveals that AG combination is near-source reservoir combination.

Low-amplitude anticline and structure-lithology reservoir models are favorite reservoir models in Fula sub-basin. In the west slope, especially the lower places of the slope are the areas of huge sedimentary accumulation should be favorite prospects. As for the east slope, low-amplitude anticline bounded by small faults that developed during AG period should be the favorite area for exploration, which has been proved by successful drilling activities.

In Fula sub-basin, AG structure-lithology complex reservoir combination should be the favorite type for drilling as per under these two key factors, the petroleum could be well accumulated. Currently, there have two important petroleum discoveries of channel sandstone and delta sheet sandstone in AG formation, proving that AG formation still has good potential for drilling.

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