A series of tests using a course-keeping model ship with an autopilot system were carried out in a towing tank for research on Safe-Return-to-Port (SRTP). The autopilot system controls the rudder angle and propeller revolution rate by a feedback system. The variation of the heading angle of the test model with different control parameters was investigated first, to ensure that the test model had sufficient course-keeping maneuverability in severe wave conditions. The wave conditions and propeller revolution rate were selected based on SRTP regulations. Tests were conducted in wave conditions corresponding to sea states 4 to 6. The six-degrees-of-freedom motion response of the test model was measured by a wireless inertial measurement unit and gyro sensors to achieve fully wireless model tests. The advance speed and motion response in various wave conditions were measured and analyzed to investigate the effects of flooding behavior in a damaged condition and of waves on the propulsion and maneuvering performance of the damaged ship model.

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