Ship hull grooming is proposed as an environmentally friendly method of controlling fouling on ship hulls. It is defined as the frequent and gentle cleaning of a coating when the ship is idle to prevent the Establishment of fouling. Prior research by Tribou and Swain has evaluated the effectiveness of different methods and the frequency of grooming on different types of ship hull coatings. It was found that vertical rotating cup style Brushes provided the best method to maintain the coatings in a smooth and fouling free condition. This study investigated brush design and operational parameters in relationship to normal forces imparted by the brushes to the surface. A brush stiffness factor was developed and the independent variables for brush design non-dimensionalized for the normal force. A load cell was used to measure the forces imparted by different brushes and the models were validated using these non-dimensional terms. The knowledge gained by these studies will be used to optimize brush design for the implementation of grooming.

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