In this paper, a software system for registration of point clouds is developed. The system consists of two modules for registration and user interaction. The registration module contains functions for manual and automatic registration. The manual method allows a user to select feature points or planes from the point clouds manually. The selected planes or features are then processed to establish the correspondence between the point clouds, and registration is performed to obtain one large point cloud. The automatic registration uses sphere targets. Sphere targets are attached to an object of interest. A scanner measures the object as well as the targets to produce point clouds, from which the targets are extracted using shape intrinsic properties. Then correspondence between the point clouds is obtained using the targets, and the registration is performed. The user interaction module provides a GUI environment which allows a user to navigate point clouds, to compute various features, to visualize point clouds and to select/unselect points interactively and the point-processing unit containing functions for filtering, estimation of geometric features, and various data structures for managing point clouds of large size. The developed system is tested with actual measurement data of various blocks in a shipyard.

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