In order to study the characteristics of flow field in the process of wave impact, two-dimensional regular wave numerical models were established based on the software FLUENT. Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes equations were adopted. The standard k-Ɛ equations were used to close the Reynolds equations. Volume of fluid method was used to reconstruct the free surface. Through a few typical cases of wave slamming on beam-plate structures of open piled wharves were reproduced, the models were verified by experimental data and the wave impact process could be displayed visually. With calculations, the characteristics of flow field in the wave impacting were investigated. Parametric studies had been carried out for different wave steepness, relative clearance and relative structure width, and then the influences of the three parameters on the flow field were analyzed. Finally, the statistical relationship between the wave impact pressures and corresponding vertical velocities of fluid were analyzed. The work is significant for mastering more mechanism of wave impact.

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