Full scale propulsion tests were conducted on the Class 4 icebreaker M.V. Kalvik. The program executed by Fleet Technology Limited on behalf of Transport Canada, BeauDril Limited, and the Johnson Rubber Company included complete dynamic measurements of the starboard shafting system response, hull bending stresses, and structural accelerations, during ice breaking operations. Unique instrumentation was developed and employed to measure the rations in each of the two salt water lubricated rubber stern tube bearings. The instrumentation was installed when the M.V. Kalvik was drydocked August 6, 1986 to August 21, 1986.

Following the drydocking the M.V. Kalvik proceeded to Resolute Bay N.W.T, through the Prince of Wales Strait and Viscount Melville Sound. Extensive high speed digital recordings of the total staffing system response to severe ice milling were made during transiting and maneuvering in heavy in second year and multi-year ice, from August 27, 1986 to September 13, 1986.

The successful execution of the project resulted in a detail measurement of the forces on the intermediate shaft bearings and the stern tube bearings due to dynamic ice loads generated at the propeller.

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