This paper presents calculations of the pressure distribution on propeller blade and hub surface using panel method (VSAERO). With the reference axis fixed to the propeller blade, the incompressible potential flow about the propeller blades can be described by the Laplace equation. Green's identity was used to convert the differential equation into a Fredholm integral equation of the second kind. The Velocity potential on the blade surface is expressed as an integration of the potential induced by sources and doublets distributed over the surface and doublets distributed over the trailing wake. The strengths of the discretized singularities were solved by satisfying the boundary condition of zero normal flow at selected control points on the surface. Benchmark comparisons for the panel method (VSAERO) calculations presented in this paper were performed u sing experimental data reported at David Taylor Research Center (DTRC). Three DTRC propellers with different degrees of skew were investigated. Comparisons Were made between the measured and predicted Values of pressure at various operating conditions. Results of field point velocity Calculations are also presented.

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