A step-by-step procedure has been developed and is presented in this paper for the static analysis of components that make up the hub mechanism of a trunnion-type controllable pitch propeller. After reviewing the state of the art in this field and highlighting the need for such a method in the early design stages, the paper outlines the techniques available for reducing external loads that are considered as input information together with the geometric and material data for each component. Simple expressions are then derived and used for computing the internal loads, stresses, and deflections of blade trunnions, pins, cranks, spherical bearings, links, crossheads, piston, threads, bolts, operating rod, hub body, inner pedestal, and guide rods. A computer program that is based on this method has been developed for use on an IBM PC computer and typical results are presented for an existing propeller. Recommendations are given for continued research in this area.

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