The traditional Bp-6 method of plotting propeller series data is very general. For most of his work, the author has found that his interest is in the propeller of optimum diameter. A plotting method is presented that yields optimum diameter and pitch for a given set of conditions. Because this plotting is not as general, it is simpler in appearance and easier to use.

A discussion of the dimensionless parameters used in plotting propeller data is also included to help clarify some misunderstandings that the author has encountered in the use of these parameters.

Curves of a propeller series for use with high-speed small craft are used to illustrate the author's plotting method and to make this propeller data available to other designers of small craft. The method of plotting has led to mathematical relationships that can easily be programmed on a computer or programmable calculator to give diameter and pitch of the optimum propeller. The equations needed to prepare a program are given.

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