Marine propulsion shafts typically are composites consisting of a strong, tough (often hollow) steel, bearing-surface sleeves, and corrosion-resistant cladding. Cladding alloys include Copper-Nickel alloys, austenitic “stainless steel” alloys, and Nickelbased Alloy 625. Cladding alloy weld metals are expensive as are the production costs of clad welding, weld inspection and rework. This paper describes collaborative efforts of a commercial Shaft Repair Facility (SRF) and a welding machine supplier to develop technical data supporting cleaner, more efficient and adaptable processes and equipment for corrosion-resistant alloy cladding. Reciprocating Wire Feed-Gas Metal Arc Welding (RWF-GMAW), specifically the proprietary Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process, is presented a procedure-of-choice for corrosion-resistant weld cladding of Alloy 625 and of 300-series alloys on steel machinery.

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