In this paper the focus is not regarding any one particular type of vessel, but is to call attention to the various vessel and propulsor features which affect the propulsive efficiency of most any vessel. There is also some consideration of the various propulsor types and their effectiveness and appropriateness in the various vessel missions. The main focus, because most of the authors’ experience has been in design and manufacture of commercial marine propellers and nozzles, will be on propeller driven vessels. The paper will address, somewhat, various vessel design features and specific details which have an effect on efficient use of the power available. The author’s point of reference comes from decades of working to suggest, design, and provide efficient propellers for particular use in both new and existing vessels. Over the years, it seems common that in any field we learn the most from the most challenging vessel propulsion problems. It seems appropriate to share some of the experience and learning from the author’s work to improve propulsion efficiency and smoothness of operation in commercial vessels.

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