This paper presents the analysis of the performance for podded and ducted propellers using a hybrid numerical method, which couples a vortex lattice method (MPUF-3A) for the unsteady analysis of propellers and a viscous flow solver (NS-3X or FLUENT) for the prediction of the viscous flow around propulsors and the drag force on the pod and duct surfaces. The time averaged propeller force distributions are considered as source terms (body force) in the momentum equations of NS-3X and FLUENT. The effects of viscosity on the effective wake and on the performance of the propeller blade, as well as on the predicted pod and duct forces, are assessed. The convergence study of circulation distributions with number of lattices is reported in the ducted propeller case. Finally, the prediction of the performance for podded propellers (both single pull-type and twin-type) and ducted propellers from the present method is validated against existing experimental data.

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