Since the introduction of the keyless hydraulic coupling in the early 40's. many new applications have been developed and benefits realized.

One of the latest applications is using the couplings together with GARB rolling bearings on straight shafts in a modular design for shafting arrangements. This has been made possible by combining their unique benefits: both are mounted easily on cylindrical shafts by oil-injection and the GARB bearing has, through its design, a self-aligning adjustment and a wide axial float.

These features provide for a shafting arrangement that can be made in ready-to-install, modules that require no extra machining at installation. As the system is modular, and parts in many cases identical, the need for spares will be highly reduced An additional benefit, that in some applications may be a major one, is the reduced friction compared with normal journal bearings. A reduction that In the long run gives both fuel savings and can reduce the required engine size:

The oil-injection method (OIM) and keyless hydraulic couplings can also be found in a number of other shafting applications as their use has expanded over the years. Some of the applications are gear & flex couplings mounted with a sleeve and OIM design, propeller sleeves, double sleeves, etc. All of them having one thing in common: A quick and easy installation and removal process.

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