Marine propeller shafts, like most power transmission shafts, are fatigue-loaded components. Because of the corrosive environment, they operate in, a marine propeller shafts' corrosion fatigue strength may the limiting factor in its design.

The life of a fatigue-loaded mechanical component is dependent on the tensile stresses it is subjected to in service. If effective tensile stresses acting on a shaft could be reduced. Service life could be extended Shot Peening is a mature, developed procedure that has been proven successful in raising fatigue strength and retarding Stress Corrosion Cracking. A rather simplified approach explaining how and why it works in addressing the very complicated subject of fatigue is presented here.

Particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries, its successful applications are well documented The practical suggestion on how it could be applied in providing extended service lives for marine propeller shafts is attempted in this paper. Several relevant case studies conducted by other researchers are presented.

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