In this paper, the quantitative influence of aspect ratio (B/h), and dimensionless velocity or thickness Froude number [TFN = u/√(gh)] on dimensionless ice-induced pressures (pe/ρiu2) is briefly reviewed and discussed. Since material properties of ice (E, σf, K1c) have not been reported for many data-sets, a strategy for generating appropriate material properties for ice is proposed. Two dimensionless terms for material properties of ice, {(E/σf)×[K1c/(σf√h)]} and {[K1c/(σfu)]×√[E/(ρih)]} were identified and their influence on pe/ρiu2 is discussed. It was found that (1) pe/ρiu2 on rigid vertical structures decreases with (a) increasing B/h at a rate of about 0.42, when u/√(gh) and {[K1c/(σfu)]×√[E/(ρih)]} remain constant; (b) pe/ρiu2 decreases with increasing u/√(gh) at a rate of about 1.80 when u/√(gh) is < about 6.0×10-3and at a rate of about 1.93 when u/√(gh) is > about 6.0×10-3 when B/h and {[K1c/(σfu)]×√[E/(ρih)]} remain constant. (2) Preliminary analyses of the datasets shows that pe/ρiu2 decreases with increasing {(E/σf)× [K1c/(σf√h)]} at a rate of 0.335 and 0.469 and that pe/ρiu2 decreases with increasing {[K1c/(σfu)]×√[E/(ρih)]} at a rate of 0.729 and 0.808. (3) It was also found that shapes of structures do not influence dimensionless ice-induced pressures on structures.

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