This paper provides an overview of a model test program to evaluate performance of the new Canadian Polar icebreaker, John G. Diefenbaker design. The National Research Council Canada (NRC), the Canadian Coast Guard, STX Canada Marine (STXM) and Aker Arctic Technology (AARC) worked closely together to develop a test program, to carry out tests and to discuss test results as well as improvements. The model test program included resistance, propulsion and maneuvering (turning circle) tests both in ice and open water; ice ridge penetration tests; the wake survey, seakeeping and stationkeeping tests in open water. The model tests were carried out at the three model basins (ice tank, open water tow tank and ocean engineering basin) at the NRC’s facilities in St. John’s, NL. The test results were well utilized in the vessel’s design development as well as providing performance evaluation tools at the conceptual design stage. Some of the test results are presented here.

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