A speed sea trial was performed in the Amundsen Sea in February and March of 2012. The Korean ice breaking research vessel “Araon” was used to check speed performance on the big floes. Two ice trials were carried out. The time history of location, engine power & RPM(Revolution per minute) etc. during the ice trial and the trajectory of the ship are described in this paper. The measured ice properties are also discussed. The ice trial results were analyzed at different ice thicknesses, ice strengths, and power and speed levels of the ship. The analysis results are compared with model test results and ice trial results. A correction to the target ice thickness was used to compare the power and speed relation in the same ice thickness because it is very easy to know the relative speed performance of ship. The Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchs Anstalt (HSVA) method was applied for the correction. The speed of the Araon in big floes is higher than the speed in level ice. The speed after the correction at 10 MW of power and 103 cm of ice thickness was 5.4 knots based on analysis results.

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