The traffic volumes in arctic waters are expected to grow rapidly in forthcoming years. A new fleet of icebreakers and cargo carriers with high ice-class will be needed. One of the most beneficial solution is to use independently icebreaking vessels equipped with high ice-class Azipod propulsion units. The construction of ABB Azipod propulsion units allows full power, maximum rpm and full torque in both directions of propeller rotation. Azipod unit have pulling type propeller enabling enhanced vessel stern first operation in demanding ice conditions. Recently ABB Marine launched the innovative Onboard DC Grid concept which is especially suitable for offshore supply and icebreaking vessels. The Onboard DC Grid concept provides a highly efficient power distribution and electric propulsion with low voltage onboard and power systems up to 20MW. This paper outlines a ship machinery concept with ABB Azipod propulsion and Onboard DC GRID system.

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