The paper presents a demonstration of digital camera application for generation of sea surface map, as well as for measurement and registration of sea surface condition and evolution. The offered method is based on the computer transformation of a digital image – that can be obtained with the help of any digital camera onboard a platform, vessel, aircraft or helicopter – to the standard map projection with a local or global spatial scale. The map projection of the original image allows one to do the standard measurements of horizontal size for objects that are distributed on the sea surface (linear and area sizes, distance, object concentration, etc.), as well as the estimation of elevation for the 3D objects. A comparative analysis of the map image series allows estimation of a temporary variability of sea surface condition, as well as the movement speed of the sea surface objects. The presented algorithm transforms any digital camera to the equipment for marine observations and measurements in such areas as the survey of ice condition and ice management, oil pollution monitoring, shelf hydrology , etc.

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