“Amir Kabir” concrete arch dam is one of the most important of arch dams which has been built on Karaj River in Iran. In this research, “Amir Kabir” arch dam and water of the reservoir has been modeled with 3d finite elements. Interaction between arch dam and reservoir has been studied with static analysis of the 3d finite element modeling of the dam and reservoir. The results have been shown by displacement of dam crest because of the pressure of ice. The amount of ice pressure which affects on unit length of the dam crest has been obtained from Creager researches and it has been explained in the paper. In this research static and temperature analysis was done on dam and reservoir Static loads consist on weight of the dam, hydrostatic pressure of water and ice pressure as a uniform load affects on dam crest. Also contour of maximum tensile stresses and maximum pressure stresses on upstream and downstream face of the dam was shown.

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