The North part of the Caspian Sea is seasonally ice covered with ice usually extending from the end of November until beginning of April. There are many types of ice ridges and grounded ice rubble features or “stamukhi” (called in plural by former Soviet Scientists) that may be formed in the North Caspian Sea with large variations in geometrical and mechanical properties. The scope of paper is to present a basic conception on formation of grounded ice rubble features in the North part of the Caspian Sea. Observations and on ice field measurements of grounded ice rubble features were carried out in past five years during the winter ice environment research programs sponsored by Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company, N.V. (AgipKCO). The research will be applicable to define the hazards to offshore installations during the design process. Morphological and mechanical parameters, correlations, calculation of force on seabed, sliding resistance will be shown in coming papers.

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