Numerical simulation and prediction of short duration hydrodynamic impact loading on a generic wedge impacting a water free-surface is investigated. The fluid field is modeled using a finite element (FE) based arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) formulation and the structure is modeled using a standard Lagrangian FE approximation. Validation of the numerical method against experimental test data and closed form analytical solutions shows that the ALE-FE/FE continuum approach captures the impact behavior accurately. A detailed sensitivity analysis is conducted to study the role of air compressibility, deadrise angle, and impact velocity in estimation of maximum impact pressures. The pressure field is found to be insensitive to air compressibility effect for a wide range of impact velocities and deadrise angles. A semi-analytical prediction model is developed for estimation of maximum impact pressures that correlates deadrise angle, impact velocity, and a nonlinear interaction term that couples hydrodynamic effects between these parameters. The numerical method is also used to examine the intrinsic physics of water impact on a high-speed planing hull with the goal of predicting slamming loads and resulting motions.

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