It is well known that surf-riding phenomenon is the prerequisite of the broaching-to in following and quartering conditions. For the safety assessment of the fast vessel such as surface combatant sand patrol crafts, the estimation of the surf-riding condition is important. Therefore, so far several experimental efforts have been made. However, in these previous researches, the free running model experiments in high speed region, i.e.up to Froude number of 0.6 or 0.7, have not been conducted because of tank size limitation. As shown in this paper, there are occurrence and disappearance boundaries of surf-riding in lower and faster region, respectively. In our study, free running model experiments are carried out in high speed region, and then both boundaries are experimentally obtained. By using obtained results, the analytical estimation methods proposed by the authors can be well validated. Furthermore, the free running model experiments in irregular seas are also conducted. Then, surf-riding phenomenon in irregular seas is also discussed.

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