The Dynaplane concept has many real advantages and benefits, but has not enjoyed the acceptance that it deserves. The Dynaplane concept was originally conceived for application to craft over 20ft in length powered by inboard engine with drive leg mounted well forward of transom, a transom mounted rudder and v-shaped stern foil configuration.

The author has revised, revisited and simplified some aspects of the original Dynaplane concept to realize its application to a 16.5ft (5m) outboard powered “runabout” style craft which should appeal to the recreational boating market.

Since research and previous application by Eugene Clement was on larger craft, some data and aspects were extended for applicability to the smaller sized version.

Design software “Dyna_Designer” applicable to Dynaplane was developed and used during the design process. Powering, stern foil configuration, steering and step ventilation were re-worked to reduce complexity. During the design process the author was privileged to have the support of and input from Eugene Clement. The final design documents were made available to Eugene Clement by the author and his responses were positive.

This paper describes some aspects of the development work done to date by the author in realizing a runabout design using the Dynaplane concept.

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