This paper provides an introduction to the requirements, design and implementation of bridge simulator systems to support the training of operators and bridge teams for fast ships. Consistent with the practice for conventional ships, there is a trend to use bridge simulator systems to support the training of individual operators and bridge teams of fast ships. This also applies to a lesser degree to support the training of operators of high speed boats. Although they share much in common with bridge simulators for conventional ships, bridge simulator systems for fast ships have to support additional or different emphasis on training requirements. These training requirements arise due to the inherent nature of fast ships (operation at high speeds) and the design features typically implemented in fast ships. In the context of this paper, fast implies the capability to operate for sustained periods at speeds in excess of 30 kts.

The following sections provides some background information, discuss the training requirements that are specific to fast ships, the translation of these training requirements into requirements for fast ship bridge simulator and then some examples related to the implementation of these simulator requirements in existing systems.

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