The pressurized air cushion on a Surface Effect Ship (SES) can lift up to 80% of total vessel mass. The SES Motion Control System (SES-MCS) controls the vent valves which again controls the air cushion pressure, assuming lift fan air flow is pressurizing the air cushion. By controlling the air cushion pressure one can significantly counteract vertical sea wave disturbances, ensure high passenger comfort and reduce sea-sickness. The case studied in this work is the Umoe Mandal Wave Craft prototype, ’Umoe Ventus’, which is a high-speed offshore wind-farm service vessel specially designed for control in the vertical plane. The SES-MCS can adjust the draft from 1m to 3.2m in less time than the wave period. The SES-MCS can reduce motions significantly in order to perform Operation and Maintenance (O&M) in high seas. The craft is the fastest wind-farm service vessel of its size with high comfort in all relevant sea states. The performance of the SES-MCS is demonstrated through full-scale sea trials.

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