This paper attempts to carry out a CFD analysis on total resistance for trimaran hull forms based on established NPL systematic series which are high-speed round bilge hull forms. The resistance of high-speed trimaran hull forms have been determined using ANSYS FLUENT, a CFD software package. A systematic series of round bilge demi-hulls were generated, and their resistance in calm water were determined by using ANSYS FLUENT to briefly examine nature and degree of reliability of ANSYS FLUENT. The primary aim of this investigation is to determine resistance characteristics of slender round bilge trimaran hull forms in the high-speed range corresponding to Froude numbers up to 1.0. Model test results obtained from the paper Molland et al (1994) have been used to verify the efficacy of the CFD analysis. The results obtained from CFD have shown considerable promise and further analysis need to be carried out for accurate determination of resistance in trimaran configuration.

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