An experimental study to measure developed thrust from a rigid foil subjected to unsteady oscillatory motion was conducted in the towing tank at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The foil tested had a rectangular planform, NACA0019 section, span of 400 mm, and aspect ratio 6. In the experiment the heave amplitude to chord ratio was large (of order 1) and the pitch amplitudes tested were 6, 13, 17.5, and 21 degrees. The pitching axis position was fixed at the mid-chord, and pitch led heave motion by 90 degrees.

Results of developed thrust are presented· and examined with respect to three areas of interest: large amplitude motion, foil performance at large angles of attack, and a comparison with an existing 3D large amplitude unsteady panel code to predict developed thrust Agreement between the numerical and experimental results is discussed and remarks concerning the limitations of the computational results are made. Uncertainty analysis on the experimental data was performed.

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