Results from towing-tank experiments for David Taylor Model Basin model 5512 are presented for resistance, sinkage and trim, wave profile, and nominal wake tests and uncertainty assessment. The resistance and sinkage and trim data are for Froude numbers 0.05-0.45 and free-model condition. The wave profiles and nominal wake data are for Froude numbers 0.28 and 0.41 and fixed-model condition (at the dynamic sinkage and trim for each Fr). The test design, measurement systems, and uncertainty assessment are described. The uncertainty assessment methodology rigorously follows the AlAA Standard S-071-1995. The results are discussed with regard to the data ends and uncertainties, including Fr effects. Future work is mentioned. The data contributes to the surface-ship resistance and propulsion model-scale database for computational fluid dynamics validation, as part of an international collaborative project between Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, lstituto Nazionale per Studi ed Esperienze di Architettura Navale, and David Taylor Model Basin on experimental and computational fluid dynamics and uncertainty assessment for a combatant geometry.

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