The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWCCD) with major facilities at Carderock and Annapolis, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is currently pursuing certification of a Quality Management System under International Standard ISO 9001. Three pilot programs within the Division are involved. One of these pilot programs is the Full Scale Trials Branch of the Hydromechanics Directorate (David Taylor Model Basin) located in Carderock, Maryland. The other two pilot programs are the Submarine Sail Systems Department and the Vibration Monitoring and Trending Section. Both of these pilot programs are part of the Machinery In-Service Engineering Directorate located at the Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station (NAVSSES) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Full Scale Trials Branch conducts Hydrodynamic Performance Trials on surface ships and submarines of the US. Navy using model predictions provided by other branches within the Hydromechanics Directorate. The full-scale data is used to validate the predictions and is then provided to the model groups for post-trial correlation. The goal of the Hydromechanics Directorate is to certify a quality management system that is in compliance with ISO 9001 Standard 1994 and which encompasses the processes of model testing, ship powering predictions, full-scale testing, validation of predictions, and full scale/model correlation.

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