A program was initiated in 1990 to assess new and alternative technologies for application to mid-term fast sealift ships that could be under contract in 1998 or later. A variety of baseline hull configurations have been developed in this program. This paper presents a parametric study of powering performance of three baseline hull configurations. They are a 30-knot, twin-skeg ship, a 20-knot single-shaft ship, and a 35-knot triple-shaft ship. Comparisons of propulsive performance between open-single and contrarotating (CR) propellers are presented. The predictions indicate that CR propellers will improve propulsive efficiency by about 7 to 9 percent for the three baselines. It is concluded that the 30-knot, twin-skeg ship is the most promising candidate for the mid-term fast sealift ship. A model test program is underway to confirm the predicted powering performance for this ship. Single and CR propellers will be designed, manufactured, and tested on the model hull.

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