TriSWACH is a promising novel hull form for its reduced resistance, larger deck area and good seakeeping performance. This paper aims to determine an optimal sidehull position for TriSWACH based on the minimum resistance in calm water. STAR-CCM+, a RANS-based commercial CFD tool and a potential flow code Michelet are compared in their calculations of resistance. Four different side-hull positions of the TriSWACH operated within Froude number from 0.1 to 0.5 with increment 0.05 are considered for the numerical simulations. The simulation results are further validated by the model tests performed in Stevens Institute of Technology Davidson Laboratory towing tank. The comparison shows that STAR-CCM+ RANS codes can predict TriSWACH’s hydrodynamic characteristics in calm water with high accuracy. Finally, TriSWACH's optimal side-hulls’ position was discussed based on calm water resistance within different Froude number ranges.

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