The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division replaced their 21 pneumatic type wavemaker domes with a 216-paddle directional wavemaker in the fall of 2013. This wavemaker is capable of producing regular waves at oblique angles to the wave banks as well as long crested and short crested irregular model seas. Another powerful capability of the new system is the ability to preview the commanded waves in 3D virtual space on the computer screen. The new directional wavemaker facility has been in operation for four years. Mixtures of capabilities exceeding the original requirements as well as unforeseen problems were encountered. Based upon the operational experience gained in the last four years lessons learned are presented. Going from 21 domes to 216 individual paddles has adverse consequences on maintenance and reliability. That in and of itself is just a consequence of requiring a more complex machine to make more complex waves – not really good or bad. Despite the initial concerns this wavemaker has proven to be reliable, easily maintainable and when required, easily repairable.

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