In this paper, two experimental facilities that simulate separate regions of the flow about a slender ship moving at constant speed in calm water are described. In the first facility, divergent bow waves are simulated. These waves are generated by a method known as 2D+T in which a two dimensional wave maker moves horizontally and deforms in a manner that approximates the profile of the intersection of one side of a ship hull and a fixed vertical plane oriented normal to the ship's path. In the second facility, the spray generation and air bubble entrainment processes near the water surface along the hull boundary layer are simulated. The boundary layer simulation is created with a suddenly started vertically oriented surface piercing flat wall created by a stainless steel belt (a 15-m long loop that extends 1 meter below the water surface and driven by two vertically oriented rollers placed about 7.5 m apart) moving horizontally at full-scale ship speeds in a large water tank.

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