The design, and ongoing development and fabrication of a new segmented flap-type wavemaker array and associated powering, monitoring, control, and safety systems for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division’s (NSWCCD) Maneuvering and Seakeeping Basin (MASK) represents a major technological improvement to the existing wave generation capabilities at the facility. The new wavemaker, comprised of 216 individual wave boards configured as a dry-backed continuous array, incorporates a robust modular electromechanical design, with both position and force-based absorption feedback capabilities, and uses a programmable computer-based wave generation, monitoring, control, and visualization system. An industry technical team comprised of six different companies, in collaboration with NSWCCD facilities and hydrodynamic engineers and scientists have completed detailed design analyses and documentation. This high-visibility program draws on broad technical disciplines including mechanical, electrical, ocean, civil, construction, corrosion, computer, and software engineering expertise, as well as program management and administrative support.

The completion of final design documentation, using both 2- and 3-dimensional drawing and modeling techniques, has led to the next phase of system development involving the fabrication, assembly, and design validation of subsystem and component level prototype hardware as well as the fabrication and assembly of long-lead production hardware. Ongoing work includes the off-site fabrication of all mechanical subsystems and components; electric drive, monitoring, communications and control electronics and enclosures; and definition of wavemaker-to-basin mounting structures and the physical interfaces necessary to install the wavemaker system. The size and scope of this project is significant, both in terms of design effort as well as material and fabrication requirements. For example, the finished MASK Basin wavemaker installation will include over 80 tons of stainless and galvanized structural steel, over 65,000 pounds of reinforced fiberglass and over 500 cubic yards (50 truck loads) of poured concrete to support the new wavemaker structures. This paper provides an overview of the wavemaker system design/build process and a current status on the fabrication and assembly of all major system components. Specific topics discussed include:

The review and status of overall manufacturing plans and fabrication/ installation schedules.

The development of detailed design, manufacturing, and assembly drawings, and fabrication and QA procedures.

Materials qualification and selection considerations to meet operational life and maintenance requirements.

The lay-up, fabrication, and finishing of large-scale reinforced fiberglass wave paddles.

Laser cutting and machining of stainless steel mechanical components.

Prototype mechanical hardware fabrication and fitment validation.

The assembly of production quantity hardware assemblies and electronic control enclosures

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