The paper presents trials of the iExperiment Towing Tank component of MIT’s iMarine system. A remotely operated laboratory experiment for demonstrating ship resistance was developed and conducted in the MIT Towing Tank in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The lab was run remotely during a classroom session on model testing in a fluid mechanics class at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine. Using an internet connection, students operated the model test in the Towing Tank in real time through the learning portal “iMarine”. They were able to vary run parameters, repeat runs and visualize the experiment on web-based cameras. Data for the hull resistance vs. speed were collected in real time and automatically posted on the i-Marine server for immediate download by the students. An overview of the MIT Towing Tank iExperiment and the iMarine system is discussed as well as details on the success of the experimental runs in the classroom. The written lab materials used for the lab are also presented. The lab experiment consisted of standard resistance tests on a Series 60 hull model. The data collected from the lab is also presented.

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