This project deals with free-surface wave-induced separation on a NACA0024 foil over a range of conditions, along with the validation of the results from the towing tank. The simulations are performed using CFDSHIP-IOWA (a general purpose research code for ship hydrodynamics) and validated using the experimental data got from the towing tank. The flow is simulated for the Froude numbers (0.19, 0.37, 0.55). Also, four different solution domains pertaining to different flow conditions were considered, to study the effects of blockage. The flow conditions and uncertainty analysis are discussed and the flow pattern is studied. Steady flow results are presented and discussed with regard to the wave and viscous flow, nature of separation, vortex patterns and free-surface boundary-layer interactions. The flow topology was studied and important observations on the nature of skin friction lines and occurrence of nodes and saddles for surface piercing bodies are made.

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