Physical model tests are an invaluable asset to naval architecture and ocean engineering research, development, and education. However, the actual value of laboratory testing depends not only on the physical plant and technology available but also on the experience and expertise of the users. Recognizing this, the authors have undertaken a three-year effort to develop a high-quality record of numerous laboratory experiments performed within several naval architecture and ocean engineering courses at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA).

The archive includes more than a dozen experiments performed in the Hydromechanics Laboratory (Hydro Lab) at USNA, ranging from ship maneuvering to. sediment transport studies. Each experiment record includes background information, experimental setup descriptions, and details, data records with analyses, as well as high-quality photos and video recordings of the experiments underway. An archive of this depth and quality has never been assimilated and it is anticipated that the naval architecture and ocean engineering community both inside and outside USNA will be able to reap many benefits from it. In order to provide the widest and easiest access to the work, a website is being created so as to make all of the products accessible via the Internet. This paper discusses the project, its development, and some of the details of the results obtained.

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