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Pulsed neutron lifetime logs

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Petrophysics 30 (03).
Paper Number: SPWLA-1989-v30n3a1
Published: 01 May 1989
... log analysis fresh water 0 neutron diameter formation model PnP well logging epithermal neutron porosity dolomite pulsed neutron porosity standoff Pulsed Neutron Porosity Logging Using Epithermal Neutron Lifetime W. R. Mills: D. C. Stromswold: L. S. Allen: Mobil Research and Development...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 9th Annual Logging Symposium, June 23–26, 1968
Paper Number: SPWLA-1968-Q
... of thermal neutron lifetime measurements in a borehole model. ent time At th5 pres- , pulsed neutron logging is in common use in the U.S.S.R. In the western hemisphe e a considerable amount of laboratory work has been done by Mills, et al 6 7, to evaluate the technique. In 1963 commercial pulsed neutron...
Journal Articles
Petrophysics 10 (02).
Paper Number: SPWLA-1969-vXn2a2
Published: 01 March 1969
...D.W. Hilchie; W.R. Mills; C.L. Dennis; W.W. Givens In recent years pulsed neutron logging has become an important commercial logging service. This paper is a critical review of the problems which confront thermal pulsed neutron (lifetime) logging today. To achieve a good interpretation the log...
Water flooding behavior around vertical wellbore, (a) E07 well production c...
Published: 08 June 2010
Figure 2 Water flooding behavior around vertical wellbore, (a) E07 well production curve, (b) Saturation change near wellbore from pulse neutron lifetime log, (c) sketch map of water coning shape around wellbore. More
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 2011 SEG Annual Meeting, September 18–23, 2011
Paper Number: SEG-2011-0504
... algorithm china university pulsed neutron dual spectrum well logging hydrocarbon saturation reservoir borehole neutron lifetime spectrum time spectrum gamma ray time spectrum upstream oil & gas Monitoring remaining oil by using pulsed neutron dual spectrum logging technology and its...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 29th Annual Logging Symposium, June 5–8, 1988
Paper Number: SPWLA-1988-RR
... @is the porosity and SWis the water saturation; both are expressed as decimals fractions. To clearly see saturation changes, ZW must dominate over the hydrocarbon capture cross sections and not be overwhelmed by that of the matrix. Pulsed neutron lifetime logs lose sensitivity when the water is very fresh. Fresh...
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Paper presented at the 2015 SEG Annual Meeting, October 18–23, 2015
Paper Number: SEG-2015-5907923
... neutron lifetime uranium simulation upstream oil & gas uranium content apparent uranium-bearing index short distance instrument neutron generator novel pulsed neutron uranium uranium-bearing index A novel pulsed neutron uranium logging instrument with two epithermal neutron detectors Xin...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 14th Annual Logging Symposium, May 6–9, 1973
Paper Number: SPWLA-1973-O
... of fluid saturated rocks by pulsed neutron logs in general. A subsequent paper related specifically a number of test and log results of the *Neutron Lifetime Log that showed its accuracy in relation to most of these questions. This paper re-enforces the points previously made and also presents additional...
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Paper presented at the SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition, October 9–11, 2011
Paper Number: SPE-145152-MS
... counting contribution of front pulse to time spectrum is larger with the increasing of thermal neutron lifetime in formation, which is much more beneficial to neutron lifetime logging. Therefore, owing to the contribution of cumulative count, the periodic pulse of neutron emission can improve the channel...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 1988 SEG Annual Meeting, October 30–November 3, 1988
Paper Number: SEG-1988-0132
... neutron lifetime keh-jim dunn production logging log analysis well logging chevron oil field research co Diffusion Modeling of Pulsed Neutron Logging Keh-Jim Dunn, Chevron Oil Field Research Co. DEV 1.7 SUMMARY A complete solution of the boundary value problem for pulsed neutron logging is derived...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 29th Annual Logging Symposium, June 5–8, 1988
Paper Number: SPWLA-1988-KK
... and decreased shale response. Comparison to core porosity is very good. neutron detector well logging log analysis West Texas neutron epithermal neutron lifetime sensitivity pulsed neutron porosity diameter Symposium detector borehole pnp measurement lithology dependence Upstream Oil...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 19th Annual Logging Symposium, June 13–16, 1978
Paper Number: SPWLA-1978-H
... ABSTRACT The pulsed neutron tool with its multiple uses is possibly developing into the most significant evaluation tool since the introduction of the SP and resistivity logs in 1931. The "Thermal Decay Time" or "Nuclear Lifetime Log" is the only tool ever developed or even suggested that can...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 7th Annual Logging Symposium, May 9–11, 1966
Paper Number: SPWLA-1966-Q
... and applications of the method are considered. The effects of borehole parameters on "pulsed neutron" logging are discussed and it is shown by test results that the Neutron Lifetime Log is superior in this regard. The use of a neutron detector as proposed in the Russian literature is shown to produce a log which...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 5th Annual Logging Symposium, May 13–15, 1964
Paper Number: SPWLA-1964-M
... ABSTRACT The Neutron Lifetime Log is a new nuclear log which is based on a measurement of the length of time slow neutrons survive in rocks and fluids before they are captured. The logging instrument employs a cyclically pulsed neutron generator and a gated scintillation counter synchronized...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 6th Annual Logging Symposium (Volume I), May 4–7, 1965
Paper Number: SPWLA-1965-H
... calculation neutron Upstream Oil & Gas thermal neutron lifetime fluid invasion macroscopic absorption cross section salt water sandstone log analysis fresh water borehole pulsed neutron water filtrate virgin formation fluid Formation Fluid absorption cross section neutron lifetime...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 16 (03): 319–328.
Paper Number: SPE-709-PA
Published: 01 March 1964
... of formation log with better sensitivity, greater sampling depth and simpler quantitative interpretation than any other nuclear log thus far suggested. The new Neutron Lifetime Log* employs a pulsed electromechanical neutron source and a synchronously gated radiation detector. A prototype instrument has been...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 12th Annual Logging Symposium, May 2–5, 1971
Paper Number: SPWLA-1971-V
... ABSTRACT Pulsed neutron logging service, currently available under the trade name "Neutron Lifetime Log" by Dresser Atlas, offers a means of calculating water saturation (Sw sigma) in the completed cased hole; or in the open hole itself, under favorable conditions. Drawing an analogy from...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition, April 25–28, 2016
Paper Number: SPE-182825-MS
... from Production Logging Tool (PLT), Pulsed Neutron Lifetime Log (PNL), Image logs, and carbon/oxygen logs, are all assembled and verified for later analyses. Well Integrity Analyses in Well Logs: All well logs are analyzed for well integrity and leaks. Cement bond logs are analyzed for any leaks...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 15th Annual Logging Symposium, June 2–5, 1974
Paper Number: SPWLA-1974-B
... ABSTRACT A pulsed neutron source technique for measuring the macroscopic thermal neutron absorption cross section, sigma_a, of common rock materials is described. The method requires only one thermal neutron lifetime determination for a mixture of crushed rock saturated with pure water...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 19 (04): 479–486.
Paper Number: SPE-1575-PA
Published: 01 April 1967
...P.A. Wichmann; A.H. Youmans The Neutron Lifetime Log (NLL)* has gained industry-wideacceptance as a superior cased-hole logging technique. Quantitative evaluation of hydrocarbon deposits has beenproved to be feasible where conditions are favorable. Under less favorable conditions, where very small...

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