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Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 28 (04): 323–344.
Paper Number: SPE-166142-PA
Published: 11 November 2013
...George E. King; Daniel E. King Summary Do oil and gas wells leak to the environment? This paper will show the great majority of wells do not pollute. The purpose of this paper is to explain basic concepts of well construction and illustrate differences between single-barrier failure in multiple...
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Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 30–October 2, 2013
Paper Number: SPE-166142-MS
... on the outside, although this added burst strength is rarely considered in the typical conservative design ( Zinkham, 1962 ). Redundant, sequential design elements control failure-producing forces so a well can survive without loss of well integrity, even with the loss of one or more barriers in a multi-barrier...
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Paper presented at the 55th U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, June 18–25, 2021
Paper Number: ARMA-2021-1614
..., fracture toughness and the compressive strength of the rocks. At present, Mohr-Coulomb criteria are used to characterize the failure of the rocks and it overestimates the tensile strength and has no limit on the maximum shear strength tolerance for the rocks. The new Vipulanandan failure model...
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Paper presented at the 54th U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, June 28–July 1, 2020
Paper Number: ARMA-2020-1439
... ABSTRACT Planes of weaknesses which are present within laboratory rock specimens will influence strength, stiffness, and failure mode. For indirect tension testing, the orientation of planes of weakness can be described using both face and edge orientations. Schist specimens obtained from...
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Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 24–26, 2018
Paper Number: SPE-191553-MS
... from operating wells to study the failure mechanism of the screen and provide recommendations for recompletion. A thorough visual inspection of all screens was performed and documented in this paper. From the results of the visual inspection a certain section of each screen was cut for further detailed...
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Paper presented at the 51st U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, June 25–28, 2017
Paper Number: ARMA-2017-0686
... ABSTRACT: Brittle rock can fail due to extension strain over-coming the tensile limit, even when all stresses are compressive. Two related topics can thereby be addressed. The first is extension strain-induced failure in deep tunnels and mines, with fracture initiation in tension...
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Paper presented at the SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, October 25–27, 2016
Paper Number: SPE-182460-MS
... Abstract This paper presents a critical review of literature on bore and well failure mechanisms and rates, and conceptualisations of probable reservoir-aquifer failure pathways. The objective was to gain a better understanding about bore and well induced inter-aquifer connectivity...
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Paper presented at the SPE Artificial Lift Conference — Latin America and Caribbean, May 27–28, 2015
Paper Number: SPE-173913-MS
... Abstract This paper describes the implementation of a methodology for classification of artificial lift system failures and adding a commonly used root cause failure classification from C-Fer (RIFT). The subject field is the oldest Colombian oilfield, which was discovered in 1918...
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Paper presented at the ISRM International Symposium - EUROCK 2012, May 28–30, 2012
Paper Number: ISRM-EUROCK-2012-096
... opening problem have been presented by conside-ring different models of material behavior with the different failure criteria, like the linear Mohr–Coulomb (M–C) and nonlinear Hoek–Brown (H–B) criteria. In this paper, based on the two different failure criteria, M-C and H-B, the plastic zone radius around...
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Paper presented at the ISRM International Symposium on In-Situ Rock Stress, August 25–27, 2010
Paper Number: ISRM-ISRS-2010-137
... ABSTRACT: Earthquakes are massive rock failure events. Many large earthquakes are preceded by transient signals: electromagnetic, magnetic field variations, ionospheric perturbations, changes in soil conductivity, and other pre-earthquake (pre-EQ) signals. To the surprise of observers some...
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Paper presented at the CORROSION 2010, March 14–18, 2010
Paper Number: NACE-10322
... CRACK INITIATION AND CRACK PROPAGATION MODES OF FAILURE ABSTRACT A low alloy steel's propensity for sulfide stress cracking in H 2 S frequently is evaluated based on passing or failing NACE TM0177 Method-A and Method-D tests performed at a single (usually maximum) value of material hardness...
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Paper presented at the CORROSION 2005, April 3–7, 2005
Paper Number: NACE-05096
...FA ILURE OF A 15 PERCENT CHROMIUM MARTENSIT IC STA INLESS STEEL PRODUCTION TUBING COUPL ING - Results of a Failure Analysis and a Laboratory Study Robert Mack and John Carminati Shell International E&P Volmerlaan 8,Postbus 60 2280 AB Rijswijk The Netherlands ABSTRACT A threaded coupling...
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Paper presented at the Gulf Rocks 2004, the 6th North America Rock Mechanics Symposium (NARMS), June 5–9, 2004
Paper Number: ARMA-04-584
... Reservoir Characterization criterion failure mode plane structural geology artificial interstratified rock strength parameter discontinuity strength failure criterion Upstream Oil & Gas interstratified rock mass interstratified rock kaolinite orientation specimen model...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 19 (02): 104–111.
Paper Number: SPE-88814-PA
Published: 01 June 2004
...D. W. Bradford; D. G. Fritchie, Jr.; D. H. Gibson; S. W. Gosch; P. D. Pattillo; J. W. Sharp; C. E. Taylor This is the first of three related papers that describe the actions of an incident-investigation team formed to evaluate the failure of Well A-2 on the Marlin tension-leg platform (TLP...
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Paper presented at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference, February 26–28, 2002
Paper Number: SPE-74528-MS
... production tieback iadc spe 74528 casing and cementing centralizer marlin failure analysis poth upstream oil & gas leak afe pressure casing design ovalization deformation boundary dissolution hydrate plug redesign investigation seal assembly completion Copyright 2002...
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Paper presented at the ISRM International Symposium - 2nd Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, September 11–14, 2001
Paper Number: ISRM-ARMS2-2001-059
... ABSTRACT: A large scale rock slope failure, with an estimated collapse volume of 2,700,000m 3 , occurred at a site where the deformational behavior had been monitored over several years. The characteristics or the behavior were in that the deformation was recorded not only during excavation...
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Paper presented at the 9th ISRM Congress, August 25–28, 1999
Paper Number: ISRM-9CONGRESS-1999-286
... ABSTRACT: A great number of underground rock projects are maintained in the rock mass which is subject to rock damage and failure development. In many cases, the rock engineering is still under normal working conditions even though rock already fails to some extent. This paper introduces two...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 9th ISRM Congress, August 25–28, 1999
Paper Number: ISRM-9CONGRESS-1999-183
...: A threedimensional elastic/viscoplastic constitutive model for rock salt is proposed. This stress strain law takes into account the three phases of creep (transient, steady state and accelerated creep), dilatancy, as well as the failure and post failure behaviour. The model was implemented into a finite element...
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Paper presented at the Vail Rocks 1999, The 37th U.S. Symposium on Rock Mechanics (USRMS), June 7–9, 1999
Paper Number: ARMA-99-0911
... INTRODUCTION ABSTRACT: A displacement discontinuity model is described for simulating time-dependent failure in a random assembly of crack elements. It is shown that the slip relaxation parameter must be scaled in proportion to the crack length if the relaxation time function is to be self...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the ISRM International Symposium, August 30–September 2, 1989
Paper Number: ISRM-IS-1989-004
... ABSTRACT: Having carefully researched the B. Paul's strength theory and systematically demonstrated it by experiments through the analysis of the characteristics of the failure strength of rock-like materials under the general triaxial stress states, we put forward the idea of the three...

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