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Diverting spinner flowmeter

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Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition in China, November 7–10, 2000
Paper Number: SPE-64653-MS
... flow loop reservoir surveillance fluid injection well logging upstream oil & gas production well injection profile sensor diverter flowrate application watercut production profile production monitoring intake profile spinner flowmeter Copyright 2000, Society of Petroleum Engineers...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 30th Annual Logging Symposium, June 11–14, 1989
Paper Number: SPWLA-1989-CC
... through the metering section. This leakage around and through the basket happens in a very unpredictable fashion and results in a nonlinear spinner response that is also a function of the relative proportion of fluid types flowing through it. The Inflatable Diverter Flowmeter (IDF*) is a relatively new...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 27–30, 1987
Paper Number: SPE-16819-MS
... to derive an accurate flow rate from a measured spinner speed. Petal basket flowmeters attempt to force fluids into a flow regime that can be measured but fail because all of the flow is not diverted through the metering section. A new flowmeter is described that has a linear, predictable response...
Journal Articles
SPE Prod & Oper 6 (04): 427–434.
Paper Number: SPE-20595-PA
Published: 01 November 1991
... that seal against the casing. A more recent variation of the basket flowmeter, 12,13 the Inflatable Diverter Flowmeter (Fig. 2), is designed to provide a more linear tool response. Equipment Evaluation F1owmeters. Continuous Spinner. Continuous spinners derive their name from the fact that mUltiple logging...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 43 (07): 780–785.
Paper Number: SPE-20591-PA
Published: 01 July 1991
... and cannot respond to the water cut ortotal flow rate. One of the logging tools evaluated in the project was thediverting flowmeter (Fig.3) This flowmeter incorporates a diverting elementthat funnels the production flow into a narrow channel in the tool. Thediverted flow rotates a spinner element...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE California Regional Meeting, April 4–6, 1990
Paper Number: SPE-20057-MS
... Pressure, Pe (bar) 72.1 77.5 80.1 76.5 75.6 q @ Pwf = 71.7 bar (m3/day) 4.7 15.1 31.3 98.4 149.5 377 Perforations Perforations I Casing Pump & Power Section Fig. 1-The inflatable diverter flowmeter (from Ref. 1, Piers et al 50r Water Cut-100% 10% 400 800 Qt (1 Fig. 2-A spinner response plot...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Asia-Pacific Conference, November 4–7, 1991
Paper Number: SPE-22970-MS
... as well as practical data, the paper presents a new interpretive method for three phase flow with the inflatable diverter production logging instrument and the new response equations of water cut tool and spinner flowmeter in mUltipnaseflow,and how to use production logging data for determining flow...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 29th Annual Logging Symposium, June 5–8, 1988
Paper Number: SPWLA-1988-WW
..., a diverting flowmcter is preferred; if flow conditions permit, a continuous spinner flowmeter can be used. To determine the production profile, the log analyst must combine data from the three logs. The importance of properly logging a three-phase flow and a careful analysis of the logged data are explained...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, October 2–5, 1988
Paper Number: SPE-18206-MS
... depth interval. Downhole calibration of the instruments. Use of the continuous spinner flowmeter in tur- bulent flow rates and the diverting flowmeter for low flow rates to maintain accuracy. The use of stationary measurements for flow pro- filing in multi phase wells, particularly in slug flow...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 23rd Annual Logging Symposium, July 6–9, 1982
Paper Number: SPWLA-1982-F
... of such oii into a water flow. In some of the field examples, the daily surface water production is modest in 7-inch diameter casing. Therefore, the flow velocities of water in the casing are too low to measure with an ordinary spinner-type flowmeter. Because it diverts all of the fluid flow through a small...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 32nd Annual Logging Symposium, June 16–19, 1991
Paper Number: SPWLA-1991-M
.... Diverting Flowmeter Characterization Fig. 4 shows the characterization of the diverting flowmeter, with the rotation rate of the spinner (in RPS) presented on the vertical axis and the total flow rate of gas and water on the horizontal axis (in B/D). The plotted points (symbol x ) represent the data...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 15 (09): 922–926.
Paper Number: SPE-596-PA
Published: 01 September 1963
... be taken.Many techniques have been devised for conducting subsurface surveys, to determine the injectivity profile of a well. Some of these are based on measuring comparative flow rates at different depths, using various types of subsurface flow meters (i.e., temperature, spinner, hot-wire, etc.). Other methods...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 33rd Annual Logging Symposium, June 14–17, 1992
Paper Number: SPWLA-1992-JJ
..., and the latest studies show that such a kind of response relationship is a group of linearity and the slopes increase with densities; otherwise, the slopes decrease with densi ties. The experiment response of the inflatable diverter flowmeter is shown in Figure 5. For continuous spinner flowmeter, RPS value only...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 33rd Annual Logging Symposium, June 14–17, 1992
Paper Number: SPWLA-1992-GG
... a calibration of the diverting flowmeter in a flow loop facility. To derive this calibration the flowmeter is opened in a pipe that is filled with stationary water. Then air is bubbled up through the water at various known flow rates, and the corresponding rotation rates of the spinner are recorded...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the Permian Basin Oil and Gas Recovery Conference, March 16–18, 1994
Paper Number: SPE-27722-MS
... hand, a continuous spinner flowmeter can accommodate much greater flow rates. When the diverting element is open the basket flowmeter samples substantially the entire gasjwater production flow from below, in other words, the flow across the wellbore cross-section. Because of this across-well bore...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the International Petroleum Exhibition and Technical Symposium, March 17–24, 1982
Paper Number: SPE-10035-MS
... velOCity see if flow is occurring at a given depth along with fluid identification measurements to determine what is flowing. The use of the radioactive tracer device for velocity measurements has already been discussed. The other popular flowmeter is the spinner-type described next. Spinner Flowmeter...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 33rd Annual Logging Symposium, June 14–17, 1992
Paper Number: SPWLA-1992-II
.... production monitoring production logging calibration production control expert system spwla 33rd Reservoir Surveillance Upstream Oil & Gas slip velocity Artificial Intelligence flow rate instrument flow regime Carlson tool response flowmeter equation holdup spinner response Symposium...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference, March 12–15, 2005
Paper Number: SPE-93135-MS
... provide better data for gas production allocation and gas reservoir management. Further work is needed to develop this approach. Introduction Spinners are a form of ‘turbine’ flowmeter. Turbine flowmeters are used extensively in industry; they have excellent accuracy in nearly all applications...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 27th Annual Logging Symposium, June 9–13, 1986
Paper Number: SPWLA-1986-R
... of the flow rate logs are discussed and summarized. Reservoir Surveillance wellbore temperature instrument multiphase flow water production production logging gas production Symposium continuous spinner flowmeter Temperature Curve production control Upstream Oil & Gas basket flowmeter...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the Middle East Oil Show, March 7–10, 1987
Paper Number: SPE-15751-MS
.... Flowmeters The full most commonly run flowmeters are the bore spinner and the continuous flowmeter. With either tool, fluid loss intervals are identified through continuous measurement of injected fluid velocity using a spinner blade or impeller. Since only a small percentage of the total flow passes through...

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