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Covers horizontal and directional drilling, drilling fluids, bit technology, sand control, perforating, cementing, well control, completions and drilling operations. SPE Drilling & Completion is the successor publication to SPE Drilling Engineering
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 23–26, 1990
Paper Number: SPE-20419-MS
... drilling engineering. INTRODUCTION: The mechanical analysis of bottom hole assembly (BHA) behaviour by using computer models as well as the processing of directional data with relational databases is processing of directional data with relational databases is becoming an established part of directional...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition in China, June 8–10, 2010
Paper Number: SPE-131391-MS
... these steerable liner systems and illustrates their ability to outperform conventional casing while drilling systems. drilling operation society of petroleum engineers exhibition tar zone drilling new directional drilling rubble zone upstream oil & gas modification operator directional control...
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Publisher: Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 21–23, 2021
Paper Number: SPE-205984-MS
...Abstract Abstract Current slide drilling practices rely heavily on the intuition of the directional drillers to identify and correct drilling dysfunctions. Monitoring numerous dysfunctions simultaneously requires more complex analysis than can be done manually in real-time. There is also...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 36 (01): 1–10.
Paper Number: SPE-199640-PA
Published: 17 March 2021
...Emmanuel Akita; Forrest Dyer; Savanna Drummond; Monica Elkins; Payton Duggan; Ramadan Ahmed; Fred Florence Summary The use of drilling automation is accelerating, mostly in the area of rate of penetration (ROP) enhancement. Autonomous directional drilling is now a high focus area for automating...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, October 26–29, 2020
Paper Number: SPE-201551-MS
... of drilling motors and near-bit subs designed to provide near-bit inclination and gamma/azimuthal gamma measurements over the years. These designs provide the measurements but typically compromise drilling motor mechanical strength or directional response. This paper explains a new type of instrumented...
Journal Articles
J Pet Technol 72 (05): 66–67.
Paper Number: SPE-0520-0066-JPT
Published: 01 May 2020
...Chris Carpenter This article, written by JPT Technology Editor Chris Carpenter, contains highlights of paper SPE 194096, “Slide-Drilling Guidance System for Directional-Drilling Path Optimization,” by Can Pehlivanturk and John D’Angelo, The University of Texas at Austin, and Dingzhou Cao, Anadarko...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition, March 3–5, 2020
Paper Number: SPE-199640-MS
... 2018-2019 Drillbotics Challenge according to the DSATS guidelines statement is as follows: "Design a rig and related equipment to autonomously drill a well, using downhole sensors, that obtains as much horizontal displacement from surface as possible along the rock's "north" direction, as quickly...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition, March 5–7, 2019
Paper Number: SPE-194096-MS
... perfect answer that works all the time. It comes as no surprise then that the problem of searching for an optimal well path has given rise to various approaches. This paper proposes a directional drilling guidance system targeted at downhole motors and slide drilling to generate optimal well paths...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, October 16–18, 2017
Paper Number: SPE-187924-MS
... setting casing drill pipe selection assembly nonmagnetic drill collar reservoir drillstring design Upstream Oil & Gas application drilling system Directional Drilling calculation retrievable telemetry system society of petroleum engineers telemetry system activation retrieval...
Journal Articles
SPE Drill & Compl 32 (03): 194–207.
Paper Number: SPE-171740-PA
Published: 26 May 2017
... concentration Artificial Intelligence Upstream Oil & Gas particle simulator drillpipe drilling fluid management & disposal drilling operation Simulation rotation ECD Naganawa september 2017 Directional Drilling friction factor diameter hole-inclination angle layer 1 transient behavior...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE/AAPG Africa Energy and Technology Conference, December 5–7, 2016
Paper Number: SPE-AFRC-2582954-MS
... data acquisition drilling operation maintenance facility LWD Engineering drilling measurement Directional Drilling remote operating center logging while drilling Upstream Oil & Gas operator operational maintenance model aid subject matter expert east africa operator cost effective...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 50th U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, June 26–29, 2016
Paper Number: ARMA-2016-309
.... A better lubricity coefficient would allow for a decreased probability of stuck pipe or pipe buckling, especially in extended reach and horizontal wells. Johancsik et al. (1984) developed a mathematical model to predict drillstring drag and torque in directional drilling. It was concluded that sliding...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition, March 1–3, 2016
Paper Number: SPE-178873-MS
... but also a fundamental paradigm shift where the Directional Drilling and Measurement While Drilling (MWD) crew is not physically located on the rig. In order to accomplish this, a major transformation was needed to ensure that process safety was not compromised by introducing additional risk...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 14–16, 2015
Paper Number: SPE-175713-MS
.... Multiple simulations were run to determine the best combination of technologies to achieve the objectives. A new 12¼” directional design (616-type) would include premium cutters that can withstand impact in the interbedded carbonate/shale section and remain sharp while drilling the lower sand formations...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the ISRM International Symposium - 8th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, October 14–16, 2014
Paper Number: ISRM-ARMS8-2014-240
... drilling fluid management & disposal structural geology survey system -result soft sedimentary rock drilling operation asian rock mechanics symposium arms8 miyakawa Directional Drilling Fluid Dynamics Applicability log analysis drilling fluids and materials Upstream Oil & Gas Suenaga...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Unconventional Resources Conference Canada, November 5–7, 2013
Paper Number: SPE-167141-MS
... depth (TD) of around 15,000 ft MD. The extensive reach, long tangent and various formation strata encountered place an extremely challenging drilling environment for directional drilling using a conventional adjustable kick-off sub (AKO), positive displacement motor (PDM), and a polycrystalline diamond...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Unconventional Gas Conference and Exhibition, January 28–30, 2013
Paper Number: SPE-163957-MS
... for developing optimal drilling practice procedures, and improving drilling operations and future well production. drilling operation North Dakota footage Directional Drilling directional driller Bakken Upstream Oil & Gas lateral section petroleum system spe 163957 drill bit noise...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Saudi Arabia Section Technical Symposium and Exhibition, April 8–11, 2012
Paper Number: SPE-160871-MS
... (CTD), enabling wells to be drilled faster, with significant benefits in reach, steering ability and greater reservoir contact. conventional motor franzten presentation total production upstream oil & gas baker hughes footage well profile directional drilling friction rsm...
Journal Articles
J Can Pet Technol 51 (02): 115–126.
Paper Number: SPE-137137-PA
Published: 12 March 2012
... of the progressive future of directional drilling in SAGD. 13 11 2010 22 12 2011 21 12 2011 12 3 2012 20 10 2010 14 3 2012 2012. Society of Petroleum Engineers RSS Efficiency Halliburton enlargement wellbore drilling operation lateral dogleg producer well hole...

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