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Directional deviation tools

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Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the Drilling and Production Practice, January 1, 1966
Paper Number: API-66-100
... collars in an inclined hole. This technique is useful primarily in Increasing or decreasing vertical angle, but is not well adapted to changing hole direction. Deviation Control Using Fluid-operated Bit-guiding Tools t H. M. ROLLINS* ABSTRACT I n the last three years three new tool asselnblies have...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, March 25–28, 2001
Paper Number: SPE-69592-MS
... systematic work toward continuous improvement. The present job shows both theoretically and practically how to apply these tools to solve quality deviations. Case Study: Improvement of Jet A1 quality in a Hydrocracking unit. Background During the last few years quality systems have become established as...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference, March 18–21, 2019
Paper Number: SPE-194864-MS
... proved very reliable in most of the cases however; the success rate has been debatable for highly deviated wells with high-pressure differential across the plug. Eline applications normally struggle at deviations > 60°, because of losing the gravity force driving the tools downward, limitations of...
Journal Articles
Journal of Petroleum Technology 28 (05): 521–530.
Paper Number: SPE-5545-PA
Published: 01 May 1976
... deviation-prone areas and in directional wells, the cost of deviation control can become a major portion of the total drilling cost, particularly in areas of high rig cost. particularly in areas of high rig cost. This paper presents a method for theoretically increasing penetration rates by 50 to 100...
Journal Articles
Journal of Ship Production and Design 36 (02): 143–151.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSPD-2020-36-2-143
Published: 01 May 2020
...-bottom blocks as a positioning datum. Dimensional deviations in any direction of a double-bottom block will be transferred to the outer surface of the hull and bring about many overlaps or gaps between blocks. For example, the double-bottom block and round block (shown in Fig. 1A) are assembled into a...
Journal Articles
Neftyanoe khozyaystvo - Oil Industry 2018 (11): 96–98.
Paper Number: OIJ-2018-11-096-098-RU
Published: 01 November 2018
.... drilling operation polymer additive gornoe delo perm journal Directional Drilling Upstream Oil & Gas high deviation well cement formulation casing and cementing Geologiya cement property cement chemistry politekhnicheskogo universiteta Mining Engineering cement slurry nogo issledovatel...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 49th Annual Logging Symposium, May 25–28, 2008
Paper Number: SPWLA-2008-AAAA
.... Recognizing the fact that the higher the apparent dip the larger is the deviation-effect helps the extraction of the apparent dip while also correcting for the deviation effect on the logs. Through modeling the resistivity tool responses, it is found to be feasible to derive the apparent dip from the logs...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference, March 6–9, 2017
Paper Number: SPE-183791-MS
... can be used to analyze both steady-state drawdown data and pressure-transient data with computational procedures presented in the paper for a large variety of tool configurations. For a flexible approach that can handle both anisotropy and well deviation, numerical integration routines must be used...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 51st Annual Logging Symposium, June 19–23, 2010
Paper Number: SPWLA-2010-26011
... ABSTRACT: Although the directional sensitivity and deep investigation depths of directional logging-whiledrilling (LWD) resistivity tools have led to their wide use in detecting bed boundaries for well placement, their multicomponent electromagnetic (EM) measurements also have important...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Europec featured at 78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, May 30–June 2, 2016
Paper Number: SPE-180182-MS
..., inclinometry, powered caliper, oil-base imager (x2). Length 58 m, weight 3,400 lbm, max. OD 7 in. Some engineering parameters of the wellbore and log acquisition are illustrated in Fig. 5 . The borehole is mildly elongated in the vertical direction, and the tools do not rotate along the interval, as AY...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, October 26–28, 2015
Paper Number: SPE-176557-MS
... stabilizer has been modelled as an increase in diameter that in this work, this assumption has been corrected. reaction force deviation build rate Directional Drilling stabilizer diameter elastic property gravelly sand soil drilling operation Thickness BHA horizontal well society of...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the The 28th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, June 10–15, 2018
Paper Number: ISOPE-I-18-724
... paddle were slightly adjusted when the outputs at the paddle (by directional gauge readings for the selected band of 120-240 N) during the testing have deviated from the value obtained during the calibration. During the testing in 175 N direction, two tests (S-4 and S-9) give the higher wave heights than...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 2011 SEG Annual Meeting, September 18–23, 2011
Paper Number: SEG-2011-0422
... assume formation models which have no medium variation in the direction of the y axis and present a 2.5D code for general modeling of propagation tools in horizontal and highly deviated wells. The trajectory may be defined in 3D, and the tool could be at arbitrary azimuth angle with respect to the plane...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 61st Annual Logging Symposium, June 24–July 29, 2020
Paper Number: SPWLA-5063
... reflectivity analysis. It is equally important that the logging tool is parallel to the wellbore with no sag or tilt. In deviated wells, it is often difficult to optimize standoffs and bow-spring centralizers to provide centralization while maintaining smooth tool motion for quality data. In addition, powered...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, November 14–16, 2016
Paper Number: IPTC-18594-MS
... inversion coupled with deeper depth of investigation, allowed for the marriage in of seismic and borehole data, leading a more effective and productive wellbore. This paper will highlight why deep directional resistivity is a step change for doing proactive well placement of highly deviated wellbores as...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition, February 2–4, 2010
Paper Number: SPE-128789-MS
... reservoir top resulting in a downwards deviation to the left Figure 9 Time-based log excerpt recorded during an open hole side track operation in a horizontal 8 ½" borehole Abstract This paper introduces bending tool face, a new measurement with applications in directional drilling. The...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition, March 27–29, 2019
Paper Number: OMC-2019-1109
... maintain high reliability, high measurement quality, and very deep depth of detection. For example, 50% less effective antenna areas negatively influence measurement quality and detection depth. Reducing the tool diameter enables handling higher dogleg severity (wellbore direction variations), however this...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Western Regional Meeting, April 27–30, 2015
Paper Number: SPE-174064-MS
... to encompass what the rig has done and not the planned deviation profile. Upstream Oil & Gas drilling operation well planning trajectory design isolation analytical comparison centralization deviation centralizer placement proper centralization standoff directional drilling...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 2016 SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting, October 16–21, 2016
Paper Number: SEG-2016-13863627
... with respect to the lamination or bedding (deviated wells), the wave velocities measured along the wells differ from the velocities parallel or perpendicular to the bedding. This work demonstrates a method that can correct for the effects of anisotropy (direction dependence of wave velocities in rocks...
Journal Articles
SPE Drilling & Completion 36 (01): 1–10.
Paper Number: SPE-199640-PA
Published: 17 March 2021
...Emmanuel Akita; Forrest Dyer; Savanna Drummond; Monica Elkins; Payton Duggan; Ramadan Ahmed; Fred Florence Summary The use of drilling automation is accelerating, mostly in the area of rate of penetration (ROP) enhancement. Autonomous directional drilling is now a high focus area for automating...

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