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Causes of high-frequency losses

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Paper presented at the 1997 SEG Annual Meeting, November 2–7, 1997
Paper Number: SEG-1997-0685
... in gas reservoirs. Our research attempts to document the relationship between energy attenuation as a cause of the high frequency energy loss, and the low frequency shadow as an effect of the energy loss. A case study presented here documents this expected cause and effect relationship. How- ever...
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Paper presented at the The 29th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, June 16–21, 2019
Paper Number: ISOPE-I-19-516
... of the pretension procedure. Furthermore, the intrinsic dissipation and microscopic plasticity combined with high operating frequency cause self-heating of the specimen. The heated specimen expands, which causes a further loss of pretension. During the fatigue test the initially imposed level of pretension cannot...
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Paper presented at the CORROSION 2001, March 11–16, 2001
Paper Number: NACE-01519
... at the impeller end of the high-speed shaft. Compressor disassembly and inspection revealed a loss of material from the impeller that caused an increasingly severe imbalance condition of the rotor. In an effort to return the compressor to service as quickly as possible, the impeller was inspected and judged...
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Paper presented at the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition, March 22–25, 2021
Paper Number: SPE-204412-MS
..., the aggregate frequency, causes, and severity of the resulting erosional damage at plug locations was not previously well understood and highly speculative. The sub-millimetric three-dimensional imagery generated from high resolution solid-state acoustic tools significantly improved the industry's awareness...
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Paper presented at the 1992 SEG Annual Meeting, October 25–29, 1992
Paper Number: SEG-1992-1260
...) and a sinusoidal variation with spatial wavelength 150 m (left) and 60 m (right). DIP-DEPENDENT ATTENUATION Both stratigraphic filtering and evanescent filtering cause high-frequency loss of seismic waves when they are reflected from a geologic structure beneath a sequence of sedimentary layers. The amount of high...
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Paper presented at the ASSE Professional Development Conference and Exposition, June 12–15, 2011
Paper Number: ASSE-11-515
...: An Overview We have presented below two examples of perhaps more familiar scenarios where an indirect relationship of frequency and severity trends could also exist. 1. A neighborhood with a high frequency of petty crime does not always correlate directly with neighborhoods associated with violent crime...
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Paper presented at the 2013 SEG Annual Meeting, September 22–27, 2013
Paper Number: SEG-2013-1075
... be achieved is determined by the high-frequency content of seismic waves used to explore the subsurface. However, as waves propagate into the Earth a loss of high frequencies with distance occurs. This Earth filtering effect is caused by the exponential decrease of amplitude with distance, the partitioning...
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Paper presented at the SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility, April 11–13, 2016
Paper Number: SPE-179452-MS
... be drawn on which historical frequency is the most accurate to represent positon loss on DP MODUs. The DPVOA data can be too old since they were derived over 20 years ago. The NCS data came from a relatively high and transparent reporting culture, but the DP operational time was limited. The data derived...
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Paper presented at the 2003 SEG Annual Meeting, October 26–31, 2003
Paper Number: SEG-2003-2016
...Seismic Frequency Enhancement Through Spectral Borrowing Bassel M. Al-Moughraby*, Chris L. Liner, University of Tulsa. Summary One of the main goals in seismic imaging is to obtain maximum resolution, which requires maximum bandwidth with high frequency content. Among the processes that cause...
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Paper presented at the ASSE Professional Development Conference and Exposition, June 26–29, 2016
Paper Number: ASSE-16-613
... those hazards. Risk = Hazard (Frequency x Severity) This definition reflects that each hazard will have unique probabilities of loss exposure. When hazard exposures are characterized into severity categories (high, medium, or low severity), the frequencies of each severity will help guide supervision...
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Paper presented at the CORROSION 2016, March 6–10, 2016
Paper Number: NACE-2016-7737
... corrosion rate corrosion sensor sensitivity flowline corrosion riser corrosion resonant frequency Publication Division permission sensor metal loss spring constant manuscript mass loss Probe high sensitivity Houston tine New Tuning Fork Corrosion Sensor with High Sensitivity H. Alan Wolf...
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Paper presented at the 2004 SEG Annual Meeting, October 10–15, 2004
Paper Number: SEG-2004-0219
... section spectrum absorption loss gradient time series compensation attenuation Deterministic Spectral Balancing for High-Fidelity AVO Spyros Lazaratos* and Chris Finn, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Summary A common problem for Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) analysis is that the frequency...
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Paper presented at the The 30th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, October 11–16, 2020
Paper Number: ISOPE-I-20-2112
... effectively expand the frequency band of vibration impediment, but also avoid the low transmission loss caused by resonance near the natural frequency of plate 3, especially in high frequency. NUMERICAL VERFICATION Finite element method is used to verify the above theoretical analysis. The theoretical model...
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Paper presented at the SPWLA 60th Annual Logging Symposium, June 15–19, 2019
Paper Number: SPWLA-2019-YYYY
...), is circulation loss. It is common to lack a clear root cause of these NPT events. Repeat resistivity logging can often be used to identify fluid loss zones, especially in high contrast Rm/Rt environments. In a Gulf of Mexico (GoM) well, total depth (TD) of a hole section was reached without a measurable fluid...
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Paper presented at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition, March 1–3, 2016
Paper Number: SPE-178848-MS
... with the basic primary torsional oscillation mode. STOs occur when the drillstring is rotated at specific speeds that cause higher frequency torsional resonance to develop in addition to the primary large torque and speed cycles that rig crews observe with stickslip. The high frequency oscillation within...
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Paper presented at the SPE Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition - Americas, August 23–25, 2022
Paper Number: SPE-209733-MS
... frequencies no higher than 60 Hz (3600 RPM) in order to avoid possible equipment failures. There are a number of reasons Operators may choose not to run ESP systems at frequencies higher than 60 Hz. At high operating speeds, friction may cause fatigue damange of pump components (shaft, impellers...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Gulf Coast Section Electric Submersible Pumps Symposium, October 4–8, 2021
Paper Number: SPE-204483-MS
... be the most lethal to a pump due to the speed at which it acts and the high temperatures observed. The authors could only find one reference by Zheng Ye et al. (2019) , which provides a discussion and laboratory measurement of the shaft radial bearing heat rise caused by low flow events due to the combined...
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Paper presented at the The Twenty-second International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, June 17–22, 2012
Paper Number: ISOPE-I-12-213
...) (Zienkiewicz and Taylor, 1989) can and does lead to unfeasibly models at high frequencies unless the mesh and the time step are adjusted to the highest frequency. Another approach is statistical energy analysis (SEA) (Lyon and DeJong, 1995), in which the system is modeled as a collection of subsystems, each...
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Paper presented at the Offshore Technology Conference Asia, November 2–6, 2020
Paper Number: OTC-30203-MS
... are communicating with the other green nodes that are connected to them [ Trang, 2018 ]. On the other hand, high frequencies cause higher path loss. In our application, high frequencies must be employed in order to use a small antenna size. However, by looking at equations (3) , (4) , and Figure 3 , it is easily...
Proceedings Papers

Publisher: Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Paper presented at the SEG/AAPG International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy, August 28–September 1, 2022
Paper Number: SEG-2022-3735790
... local stacking of ~ 200 neighboring traces. Reflections become easily recognizable in the entire offset range. However, the high-frequency content of the signal is suppressed. In addition, enhanced reflections are overly smoothed. Such a behavior is typical for many desert environment datasets. We...

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