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Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 2016 SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting, October 16–21, 2016
Paper Number: SEG-2016-13780273
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 2nd World Petroleum Congress, June 14–19, 1937
Paper Number: WPC-2127-02
... de propane. Le désasphaltage Pn deux etapes n'a aucune valeur, celui h -rontrc*courant aiigmenle le rendement, mats n'tnfilue p a s sur la qualité Des expPraences à la bombe sur des huiles désasphallees monlrerent T/W d'ercellenlrg huzles verles résiduaires pruvent êlre ohlenues at cc de très petites...
Journal Articles
Professional Safety 65 (05): 22–27.
Paper Number: ASSE-20-05-22
Published: 01 May 2020
... disasters, the Oklahoma City bombing and Columbine High School massacre. Financially, they witnessed and were im- pacted by the financial crisis that occurred in the new century, the dot-com bubble crash (2000) and the 2007 housing bubble. Culturally, they were exposed to the emergence of cable and impacted...
Journal Articles
Journal of Petroleum Technology 71 (09): 48–53.
Paper Number: SPE-0919-0048-JPT
Published: 01 September 2019
... group FARC in 2016 that was to end a decades-long civil war, security remains a concern for the industry in Colombia. Much of the instability has been at the border with Venezuela, where the Caño Limón Coveñas crude pipeline was bombed an estimated 1,400 times during its first 32 years in operation...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the CORROSION 2019, March 24–28, 2019
Paper Number: NACE-2019-13044
... Thermocouple Test Solution Retention Bomb Test Sample Holder 5 ©2019 by NACE International. Requests for permission to publish this manuscript in any form, in part or in whole, must be in writing to NACE International, Publications Division, 15835 Park Ten Place, Houston, Texas 77084. The material presented...
Journal Articles
Petrophysics - The SPWLA Journal of Formation Evaluation and Reservoir Description 59 (05): 565–587.
Paper Number: SPWLA-2018-v59n5a1
Published: 01 October 2018
... the using a radioisotope source, such as 137Cs, have also become more apparent. Terrorism and crime have become major risks, and sources can be stolen for ransom or used for dirty bombs (Badruzzaman et al., 2009). In addition, increased environmental awareness and legislation have increased the...
Journal Articles
Journal of Petroleum Technology 70 (04): 72.
Paper Number: SPE-0418-0072-JPT
Published: 01 April 2018
... Henry Hub Spot Price history). In the US, colder-than-expected temperatures contributed to peaks in demand, but, at the time of writing, the prices have settled down to the pre- bomb cyclone levels, with current natural-gas pric- es almost mirroring those in 2017 (at $2.868/million Btu). The Henry Hub...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPWLA 59th Annual Logging Symposium, June 2–6, 2018
Paper Number: SPWLA-2018-G
... of the using a radioisotope source such as 137Cs, have also become more apparent. Terrorism and crime have become major risks, and sources can be stolen for ransom or used for dirty bombs (Badruzzaman, et al., 2009). In addition, in- creased environmental awareness and legislation have increased the...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the CORROSION 2018, April 15–19, 2018
Paper Number: NACE-2018-10509
... carbon at a depth of .052 . Cox notes these rates are high for a high carbon steel compared to a low carbon steel . [42] Sarjant and Middleham describe testing of carbon steel hydrogen bombs in approximate conditions of 842°F and 3000 psi H2, where failure (rupture) due to severe intergranular...
Journal Articles
Journal of Ship Research 62 (01): 48–74.
Paper Number: SNAME-JSR-2018-62-1-48
Published: 01 March 2018
... have crippled the S.S. Ohio, but she remained afloat (Caruana 1992; Pearson 2004). 2.3.2. Second damage scenario. Further flooding was inflicted the followingmorning on the 13th ofAugust 1942. Chief EngineerWyld reported that a 500-lbs bomb exploded close to the ship s bow, flooding Fig. 2 General...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the ASSE Professional Development Conference and Exposition, June 19–22, 2017
Paper Number: ASSE-17-741
... Manhattan Project in the 1940s to enrich uranium for the atomic bombs that would end World War II. The site later produced enriched uranium for commercial and defense purposes. Operations ceased in 1985, and the site was permanently shut down in 1987. DOE then began cleanup operations, which include...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Latin America and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, May 17–19, 2017
Paper Number: SPE-185464-MS
...) Reservoir pressure : 675 psi – 1,023 psi Coreflood effluents were analyzed by Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-ES) Samples from obstructed check valves were recovered from an injector well and ground up in order to be analyzed. XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) was used for scale...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference, November 7–10, 2016
Paper Number: SPE-182931-MS
... weapons of choice were Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) such as nail bombs, and small arms, such as rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). However, as terrorist groups become both more organised, and better funded, the available armament also increases. Taking organisations such as Islamic State of Iraq...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the The 26th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, June 26–July 2, 2016
Paper Number: ISOPE-I-16-123
... Hemisphere (e.g., Hoskins and Hodges, 2005; Mesquita et al., 2008) and polar low (Xia et al., 2012). A set of parameters for describing cyclone characteristics is calculated by the TA_UR. The explosive cyclone events were also counted. The explosive cyclone, which is known as a "meteorological bomb...
Journal Articles
Oil and Gas Facilities 4 (06): 42–50.
Paper Number: SPE-172004-PA
Published: 03 December 2015
... Challenge. Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy (20 April 2013). httphksjmepp. com/the-crux-of-the-gulf-energy-challenge-development-and- industrialization-in-the-arabian-gulf-region/. Dargin, J. and Vladimirov, M. 2012. Energy Intensity: A Time Bomb for the Middle East? Petroleum Economist...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference & Exhibition, November 4–6, 2015
Paper Number: SPE-178140-MS
... from IOGP Report 501, knowledge from working with IOGP and other stakeholders in the creation of Report 502, using direct experience from the Oil and Gas industry and other domains including medicine, high threat bomb disposal and military aviation, the authors developed a 2-day training intervention...
Journal Articles
Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology 54 (06): 351–360.
Paper Number: SPE-174455-PA
Published: 26 October 2015
... calorimeter (PDSC), ther- mogravimetric analysis (TGA), long-term oxidation studies, bomb calorimeter, flammability limits of different natural gas/air mixtures and ignition studies, and conical experiments, which have been performed by the In-Situ Combustion Research Group at the University of Calgary. For...
Journal Articles
Professional Safety 60 (10): 39–46.
Paper Number: ASSE-15-10-39
Published: 01 October 2015
... building and shelving are resistant to earthquake damage, personnel will move them- selves and visitors away from the shelving as soon as possible to be safe. Various agencies and organizations offer resourc- es related to earthquakes, including FEMA (www .ready.gov/earthquakes); American Red Cross...
Proceedings Papers

Paper presented at the 49th U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, June 28–July 1, 2015
Paper Number: ARMA-2015-534
... might provide users carpet bombing, one can yet hardly satisfied, especially when happen to require a few snipers, let alone they are not easy to grasp and their inside algorithms looks a black box to most users. Some practices on partial gridding automation and control for FLAC-3D models through...
Journal Articles
Professional Safety 60 (01): 33–41.
Paper Number: ASSE-15-01-33
Published: 01 January 2015
... have found a significant decrease in maxi- mum acceptable weights of lift (MAW) compared to the 1991 Liberty Mutual guideline. In one study by Ciriello, Dempsey, Maikala, et al. (2008), the MAW for male lifting, lowering and carrying aver- aged only 69% of the 1991 values. Similar decreas- es were...

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